Isabella Snow

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Isabella Snow (born December 3rd, 1990) is an American therapist living in Fegov Endai. She is Mae Snow's adoptive mother.

Isabella Snow

Full Name:

Isabella Snow


Isa, Iz, Izzy, Isabel, Red






Anthrofox, formerly Human


5'6", 123 lbs


New York City, New York, Earth

Distinguishing Marks:






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Life Before Kaerwyn

Isabella was born in New York City. She lived a normal life, not knowing about the shifters living in her world. Her family consists of her parents and an older brother. She went to school and did well, getting mostly B minuses. (Although she won't tell anyone that this was through some cheating. Sitting next to smart people has it's advantages.)

Around the start of middle school Isabella got involved in the plays. She took a liking to acting and wanted to get a career in it. Around this time, Kevin moved into her school. He was nice, and Isabella became friends with him quickly.

During a trip to her relatives in New Jersey, Isabella and her brother were in the basement when they noticed a black widow spider. Her brother dared her to pick it up. She did, and was promptly bitten. She was poisoned, and became very sick oven the next few days. After this, she developed Arachnophobia and seeing a spider would cause her to go into a panic.

Years later, Isabella is in her last year of high school. During the month of December, Isabella went to go pick up some food, seeing how her mom was sick and her dad was at work. While walking back with the pizza, she spots Kevin heading into an alleyway. Curious, she follows him in.

She follows Kevin, doing her best not to make noise. At the end of the ally, he stopped and just stared blankly at a wall. He then turned, looking right at Isabella. He said that he was sorry for not telling her before, and then he started to change. He grew a Wolf tail, ears, and fur. He became an Anthropomorphic Wolf. Isabella watched the process in horror.

Kevin tried to explain how he was a shifter, but Isabella wasn't listening to anything he said. Instead, she was more concerned about running away. Kevin tried to get her to stop, but she just kept running.

The Early Years

Life On Kaerwyn and Adopting Mae

Recent Ventures