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(Player Information)
(Player Information)
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[[Role Playing Guide]]
[[Role Playing Guide]]
[[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]
==Have some useful information==
==Have some useful information==

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Welcome to the Realm of Kaerwyn

Among the countless planes floating through the vastness of an unknown multiiverse lies one unlike our own. This nexus plane is a strange one indeed. It acts as a hub, a point where many other planes intersect. In image, it is not unlike the Prime Material plane where Earth exists, only it is inhabited by denizens native to the other planes. In the eons that it has been known, it has been settled by countless races.

This wiki will have information for both the comic and the role play (Don't get them confused!) Please excuse our mess, we're in the process of building the wiki now.

This wiki is primarily for the Role Playing environment that is Kaerwyn.

New Here? Let's Get Started

Player Information

Kaerwyn is a chat based, real time Role Playing Network. Kaerwyn uses Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Kaerwyn IRC Server Information: If you are unfamiliar with IRC, please click here.

Quick Start: irc.kaerwyn.net errux.kaerwyn.net irc.wayah.net

All servers use the normal ports(6667), including +6697 for SSL connections.

Password for IRC Connections: kpassword (This is not meant to secure the server, it is meant to keep spambots off).

Kaerwyn Rules

Character Creation Guide

Role Playing Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some useful information

Getting started