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Here are the basics on how to use mIRC to connect to the Kaerwyn servers. mIRC will require you to download and install it. Just follow the instructions on mIRC's site for installation of the program. Once the program is installed, then you'll need to set it up to connect to Kaerwyn's RP network.

Step 1

When you first log onto mIRC you'll be greeted with this screen:

(Please note that the colors of mIRC's windows and such may be different for you than what is shown here. You can edit these colors later).


You'll see several text boxes here. Lets go over them real quick:

Nickname: This is the nickname you'll use when logged into the server. At any time you can change this. Please see the Command Reference for more information.

Alternative: If someone is already using your nickname, this is the other name it'll log you in under. Usually this is only an issue if you get disconnected and reconnect before your old name pings out.

Name: This is the "Real Name" field. We do not recommend any player uses their real life name here. You can put whatever you want (Such as your nickname). As a warning: if you have a random string of letters and numbers here, the spambot filter may disconnect you.

Email: This doesn't actually show your email address. Whatever you put here will be shown before the @ in your hostmask. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. You can put your nickname here. As a warning: if you have a random string of letters and numbers here, the spambot filter may disconnect you.

Step 2

While you're free to fill this all out right now, you're going to want to hit the link on the left that says Servers. Once you do you'll be brought to a new screen:


Here there's a listing of servers you can access either created by you, or publicly available. Kaerwyn is not on the public list, so you'll need to add it yourself. To do that hit the button that says Add and you'll get a new pop-up:


Here you once again get a few text boxes you can enter. We'll go through them:

Description: You can put whatever helps you remember that this is Kaerwyn's server. We suggest "Kaerwyn IRC".

IRC Server: Here you'll put the actual server you're connecting to. Kaerwyn has three different servers you can pick from. In the box you'll want to put: "irc.kaerwyn.net", "errux.kaerwyn.net", or "irc.wayah.net" (Without the quotes). They both go to the same place, so you don't need to worry about missing out on anything. If one server seems laggy or problematic for you, you can choose from one of the other two which might have better results for your location.

Ports: If you wish to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for added security, choose +6697 as your port. Setting Up SSL for mIRC. The default port is 6667. You may use this if you wish, though we suggest SSL.

Group: This would place the server in a folder, if that's your kind of thing. You don't need to fill this out.

Password: At the current time the password for the Kaerwyn server is "kpassword".

Once you've filled those out, hit the button that says Add to place this on your server list.


Now that it's on the list, all you have to do is click on the server description you just created and press Select. It will bring you back to the first window, only now all filled out:


Make sure Kaerwyn is listed as the Server and then click Connect.

Step 3

After clicking "Connect", the server selection window will go away and you'll see some server information show up on the status window. At the bottom of the status window, type: /join #kaerwynooc


And it will pop up this chat window.


Congrats! At this point you'll be in the main non-RP(OOC) chat room for Kaerwyn and we can answer any questions you have directly.