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If you have arrived here from the Kaerwyn Comic, please note, that the Realm of Kaerwyn Roleplaying game is NOT the same as the comic. Joining the Kaerwyn RPG will not get you any special information or insider privledges relating to the comic. The comic universe exists independently of the roleplaying game. If you want information relating to the comic, please go here.

New Player Guide

If you have just found Kaerwyn and are interested in getting involved and becoming a player, please read this whole guide before you get started as it will help you successfully navigate the wiki and forums to aid you in familiarizing yourself with the setting information and in making your first character as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The Realm of Kaerwyn is a collaborative writing fantasy Roleplaying game which takes place over IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Each player participating has one or more characters which with they may interact with the environment presented, other player's characters, as well as participate in various plots/stories. Originally founded in 2002 by Jakkal, Kaerwyn boasts an active player population with many plot lines and events that explore a variety of themes.

In order to join the game, you will need to access an IRC Client. You can use a downloaded client, such as mIRC, or an online client, such as Mibbit to get to the RP channels. For a selection of clients, visit our connect page. We encourage you to come online and chat to get help if you need it to make your character. However, please make sure you read everything here first.

Conduct & Expectations

As in any community Kaerwyn has certain expectations in behavior, language, and conduct.

  • Read and understand the game Rules. All of them.
  • The Operators, or Ops (people with a @ by their names), are the 'gamemasters' and law of Kaerwyn. If an ops tell you you must do something, you must do it.
  • The language of Kaerwyn is English and we expect any potential players to have a reasonable grasp of the language. While we have players for whom English is not their primary language, we still expect a certain level of fluency and ability to spell. You may use tools such as spellcheckers and translators, but if you are too slow/unable to follow play, you will find it difficult to play.
  • Do not abuse the bot, Fyrewolf, or any other Kaerwyn asset (website, wiki, forums, etc.)
  • Sign up for the forums. You will be required to post things and read things there. It is expected you will check the forums reasonably regularly and keep up with game news and plot information.
  • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • You may not 'idle' on the game servers. They are also not social servers. You must have a character or be working on a character actively to be permitted on the servers. If you are found to be idling, you will be kicked off. This also includes 'in character' channels. You may not be in them unless you are actively playing your character.
  • Sex/intimacy must be kept off server. While characters may discuss topics of sexual nature, roleplaying sex or sexual acts is forbidden and offenders will be subjected to severe punishment.
  • Players that are found to be behaving in a manner in which Ops believe the player is intoxicated or high may be asked to leave, or be removed.
  • Metagaming or "Munleaking" is prohibited, and is considered a very serious offence. Munleaking can led to very serious consequences for a player depending on how it occurred.
  • You must log on to IRC and play actively with a reasonable regularly or your characters will be removed from the game. Any player who does not login for a month or more, with no explanation, may be subject to their character(s) being removed from the game. Because this is a social game, it is extremely disruptive for the player characters (PCs) left behind by yours to deal with their sudden disappearance. If you must leave for a long time, do everyone a favor, and wrap up your loose ends before you go.


Kaerwyn itself is a multiverse/Nexus world environment, where beings from many other worlds and universes have been brought and thrown together through various levels of adversity and attempt to survive against the odds. The main play areas consist of the Tavern, the town of Fegov Endai, and the surrounding Kaerwyn Caldera.

Map of play area