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Operator was a 2012 leap based on the Slenderman mythos. The leap was run by Sholto. The characters that participated were Andrew Stapleton, Henrick Nathanson, and Vlad.


The group found themselves rifted into a modern day suburb, luckily unseen. After getting established with their settings the group met with a man named Adam Young. Adam was carrying a box of film supplies to his truck, from a college film called "Running for Gold." He explained that for some reason his friend Mark got very upset over something and threaten to burn the film along with the supplies, and he barely managed to save it. While discussing it with the group, Adam spots something behind them that the rest of the group misses. Shortly after he has a coughing fit. After recovering, he offers to drive the group to the nearby hotel as thanks for helping him load the truck.

The Hotel

The group reaches the hotel and Adam drops them off and drives off. They spend some time debating where they are before Andrew goes into his own coughing fit. The hotel doors open for them, and while Henrick and Vlad spend a few minutes outside arguing, Andrew decides to enter. While inside Andrew catches a glimpse of the Slenderman down one of the hallways, but he's gone as soon as he looks away. Vlad and Henrick finally follow Andrew inside, and they find the place abandoned. The three go to check where they saw the Slenderman originally, and find a keycard for the room he was near. Andrew opens the room and leaves the card inside before the group decides to leave the hotel. When they get back to the front doors though, they find them locked and impossible to break. Henrick goes into a coughing fit and catches a glimpse of the Slenderman outside the hotel. With little else to do, the group goes back to the room they were at before. When they get there they found it suddenly became night time. They found a piece of paper with a circle with an X through it written on it with sharpie. They also found a VHS tape labeled "Running for Gold." Upon playing it in the TV they found Adam and Mark, along with some others, setting up a shoot for the film. When one woman moves out of the way, the Slenderman can clearly be seen in the background of the shot. This causes Mark to freak out and end the shoot, and then the tape ends. After this, the Slenderman begins to try and break the door down. At the same time, Adam shows up from outside the hotel and breaks open the window to the room. The group exits through the window right as the Slenderman gets through the door. The group escapes on Adam's truck, heading to Adam's house.

Adam's House

Upon reaching Adam's house they get everyone inside. Andrew had cut himself on the window during the escape, so Adam and Henrick work on disinfecting and cleaning the wounds while Vlad uses the computer to look up information on the Slenderman. The most information they find is that it's best to stay in groups, keep on the move, and try to forget about it since that's how it leaves you alone. The group discuss for a bit and decide to go to Mark's House.

Mark's House

The group arrives at Mark's house and finds there's no answer at the door. They enter and find the place trashed, with articles and printed web pages scattered around the room. The articles included references to Robert Wadlow and the Stirling City Library blaze. Adam then comes across Mark, who is sitting in a corner in the fetal position, crying. They attempt to console mark, but when Adam has a coughing fit Mark freaks out and bolts. When the group reaches the front door, they find Mark standing outside with the Slenderman right behind him. Mark points at them and utters a threat before the door is violently slammed shut by an unknown force and a horrified screaming. Once they open the door again they find Mark's body has been impaled on the tree outside. In his hand they find a cassette tape labeled "For the three unknowns." On the tape is a message from Mark promising that if all the tapes are burnt then the Slenderman will leave them alone. The group decides to burn Mark's house down, but realizes they need to get that last tape at the hotel. They get in the car and leave, while the Slenderman watches them from the doorway of Mark's burning house.

The Return to the Hotel

The arrive at the hotel again, and decide to reenter from the broken window right into the room they were in before. They discover that the tape is no longer there though. Adam looks outside and spots another person. When Vlad gets his attention, they see that he's wearing a blank mask of some kind. Vlad and Adam decide to stop this guy, while Andrew and Henrick go around to the front of the hotel. There two more people attempt to attack Henrick and Andrew, while another goes for Vlad and Adam. The group manages to kill three of the attackers and wound the last one. He tells them that he's part of the followers of the Faceless King, and that they're trying to protect the tape from the group here. Henrick and Adam move on, going to check the other floors, while Andrew and Vlad continue to talk to the man. The man reveals his name to be Joesph. With a little persuading he tells Andrew and Vlad where the tape is. The group meets up on the third floor. They find the room with the tape in it, along with a bunch of newspaper articles and clippings related to Slenderman. Adam steps into the room to burn it all, but when he tries to leave he finds himself unable to. Likewise, the group finds themselves unable to enter the room The Slenderman then comes up behind him and drags Adam into the fire as the group watches, before being rifted back to Kaerwyn.