Plot Flight Plan

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For many sorts of plots, including Leaps, Mini plots, and other plot types, this is the flight plan that needs to be filled out in order to obtain approval for your plot.

Flight Plan Plot Sheet

1. What is your motivation for this plot? (Why are you doing this? Just for fun? Want to get your character in trouble? Looking for a mary sue moment?)

2. Plot Synopsis: (Post here the general plot/story that the characters will have to endure/experience/go through on the other world. )

3. Description of World/Setting: (We want information about the world, it's history, where your characters 'fit in'. Does it have magic? Is it high Tech? Modern Earth?)

4. General Resolution: (What do your characters need to do in order to work as Fate's tools on this world? Think like Quantum Leap.)

5. Listing of NPCs: (Named and Unnamed) that you would like for other players to control to participate in this plot).

6. Players in charge of this plot: (Who will be GMing?)

7. How long will your characters be offworld?

8. Listing of characters involved:

9. Items, Weapons, or anything brought back: (Bringing anything back with your character? you need to list it here.)

10. Rules for your plot: (List any governing information about the plot, the setting, the characters, etc. For example, if your world has a curse against humans, that changes all humans into Anthros, you'll need to list it for any human characters going.)

11. Where will characters' 'ghosts' be showing up while you RP offworld?: ( For example, if your character was taken in the tavern, their ghost will show up in and around the tavern while you're RPing them in the offworld channel.)

12. Post the schedule for this leap. Help coordinate with each other by posting the proposed schedule (Start with the GM's schedule, refine as you get players signed on.)