Random rift event

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Random Rift Events that sometimes take place when the RP gets dull. With some recent issues in the past, and ops being unsure of the procedure, I am making this thread to help clear up problems.

The Random Rifts

Kaerwyn is of course a nexus world. Rifts open and deposit the characters to Kaerwyn. Dur. Rifts are generally random events. Sometimes they open on other worlds and nothing goes through them. Sometimes rocks fall, or someone's soda, or a sock from the drier might find their way into the rifts. The random rifts often catch animals, monsters, items or other entities and things.

The OOC Reason For Them

Sometimes play gets a little dull. It's boring. The characters in the tavern can't even think of what to say to each other. The Random Rifts were made to provide a little bit of variety to otherwise dull nights. Characters might need to work together to stop some vicious creature, save each other from whatever falls through, or mess around with magical items or trinkets that find their way to Kaerwyn. It's basically one of our methods of jumpstarting RP when it seems to die down.

The Rules for Random Rift Events (RREs)

1. Only ops and veterans (@ and +) are allowed to run Random Rift Events. If a non op/vet wants to suggest a RRE, they can. They simply are not allowed to run the RRE.

2. RRE's must be approved by the ops that are currently on IRC when the player wants to run the RRE. They cannot be preapproved by an op. Ops can tell you if a RRE is acceptable.

3. All players that are currently in play at the location of the RRE will be warned about a RRE before it starts. If any of those players object, the RRE must wait (Unless an op gives an overrule).

4. RRE's that appear to serve no purpose but to run all characters out of play will not be allowed. RRE's will not be allowed if they will 'kill' or disrupt any current play going on.

5. Sentient creature rule - Currently RRE's cannot bring in sentient entities (As they would require a CS)

6. RRE creatures should be "seen once" and that's it. They shouldn't become reoccurring issues or 'running gags'. Hostile creatures should definitely be dealt with by the characters in play.

7. Characters should not gain any long term or significant items of value. If a mundane, worthless rock falls through and they want to keep it for some reason, that's fine. If a genie's lamp or powerful amulet falls through, it needs to be destroyed/removed from the characters before the RRE is finished. (Ops can take care of that).

8. RREs must open in public RP. If a player really wants an RRE to open up privately, an Op can play it.

Rules may change with or without warning.