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The long ass boring rules of playing on Kaerwyn. All in one spot. (This is still somewhat a work in progress, but these rules are currently in place and being used by the ops.)

General Role Playing Rules

1. Operators are to be treated as Game Masters. They are the law of Kaerwyn.

Operators, the Kaerwyn staff, are there to maintain the roleplay for all players. This means that sometimes they may be forced to stop the flow of roleplay, make quick in-character judgment calls, determine the flow of plots, et cetera. While you don't need to obey an Operator character (Because the Operators roleplay too) you do need to follow the instructions of an Operator when given (Usually done in the out-of-character channel, via private message, or posted within brackets on the RP channel itself: << >>).
Operators are also known as Ops and have the "@" next to their names on IRC.
Current Ops of Kaerwyn: Jakkal (Admin), Ringtail (Admin), Lasthowl, Seasons, Oshay, Shadowsmyst.

2. All players must be in the #kaerwynooc channel while RPing. Players should only be in the RP channels while actively RPing. General idling is not allowed in RP channels.

3. Kaerwyn's RP relies heavily on logic and balanced characters. This starts at Character Sheet (CS) creation and is carried through the actual RP itself. Every advantage should come with the cost of a disadvantage. Characters and their skills, abilities, items, backstory, personality et al should be realistic, consistant, and logical throughout.

4. The Kaerwyn Comic is not connected to the RP. Characters in the RP will not be added to the comic.

5. The Kaerwyn setting is not alterable by players for use in their plots, backstories, characters, or activities. This includes the general Kaerwyn playable area, towns on Kaerwyn, the multiversal nature, rifts, dragons, etc unless otherwise stated by the Operators.

6. Do not abuse Kaerwyn’s assets. This includes Fyrewolf (our bot), Quick Descriptions, Wiki, Forums, IRC, Website, VOIP, etc. Abuse includes making unnecessary quick descriptions, or ordering things from Fyrewolf in the tavern that a typical tavern would not have.

7. Kaerwyn generally does not allow anything that alters a living being's soul. By Kaerwyn's definition, the soul is the immortal, non-corporeal part of a character that persists beyond death. While some plots might be allowed that touch on this, it is not allowed for characters to have an ability that impacts the soul, or any items which do the same.

8. All players must have an approved Character Sheet before they can join play.

9. No copyrighted characters unless you own the copyright.

No characters are allowed from ANY player-created world without permission from the player. You may play a character from a world of popular media, but you are NOT allowed to play one of the characters from the original work.

10. Do not idle or AFK on the IRC server or the channels.

Idling on the server takes up valuable resources and any IRC channel full of idlers gives a poor impression to new players. We want to make sure that people connected to the server and are on the channels are actually at their computers and available. After your idle time reaches over an hour (OOC) or 30 minutes (IC), an Operator may remove you from channels or the server at their discretion. Any attempt to alter idle times via scripts, disconnects/reconnects, etc will be dealt with harshly by the Operators.

11. Do not police the RP.

While we appreciate the players looking out for rule breaks or the integrity of the RP, there are often times situations beyond the normal that have been approved by the Operators, but kept hidden from the players. In short, Players do not have all the facts and information regarding characters and certain character situations. If you feel a player is breaking the rules, please contact the ops. Do not be disruptive to the other players or the RP if you feel the need to confront the other players about it.

12. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

Harassment comes in many forms, and what some might think is normal others might find harassment. In short, if another player asks you to stop something, then stop doing it. Don't hound people for information, details, play, their playstyle, presumed rule breaks, etc. If you really have a problem with something going on, bring it up to the Ops.

13. The Operators reserve the right to make additional rulings as needed to preserve the fairness of play and the integrity of the setting.

The operators cannot possibly predict every possible situation that might come up, and thus, their word as GMs is law. You are not automatically granted immunity from Operator rulings because something specific was not listed in the rules or information.

Roleplay Etiquette

1. Do not use, alter or manipulate other players’ property without their expressed permission. This includes character worlds, abilities, skills, etc.

A player cannot arbitrarily dictate the specifics of another player's creation without the permission of the player and possibly the Operators. For example, it is against the rules to declare that a healing potion made by another player's character will instead transform the drinker without the original player's permission.
If a player has retired from Kaerwyn you may use their remaining property only with op approval.
This includes using player's settings or plots for your own plots or character needs. It's one thing to ask and collaborate, but don't suggest or push players with their own property for the needs of yourself or others. If you have needs for your play, characters, or other people's characters, you should use your own settings, plots, and property.

2. Proacting, or the act of forcing an action upon another player's character, is not permitted.

Do not dictate the actions of another player through your own. For example, "Bob slaps Alice on the shoulder" is disallowed. "Bob tries to slap Alice on the shoulder," however, is permitted.

3. Any deaths, injuries, or other alterations to a character will be decided by logic and, to a lesser extent, the consent of the controlling player.

4. Kaerwyn's RP is heavily based upon logic. If you put your character in a situation where s/he might be killed, then you are giving your consent by participating. You also give consent to characters being killed in some situations based on the character's actions, words, body language, location, etc. While the player still determines the overall outcome, if logic dictates otherwise, the Operators will overrule the player.

5. Munleaking, also known as Metagaming, is not allowed on Kaerwyn.

A very common problem in most RP, players are responsible for keeping their knowledge separate from what their characters know. This also includes deductions that are based on information a character should not have. Characters are limited to what they are told, what they experience, and what they understand.

6. Don't be a bad sport. Kaerwyn is a social activity and is all about making connections between characters, as well as players.

No one "wins" Kaerwyn, and occasionally bad or unfun things may happen to your characters or their situation. It's better to roll with the punches than be a bad sport. Alienating yourself from other players will not result in an enjoyable experience.

7. Keep sex/intimacy off-server.

While characters may discuss topics of sexual nature, roleplaying sex or sexual acts is forbidden and offenders will be subjected to severe punishment.

8. Public Channel Fights should not last longer than thirty minutes.

The Operators will be watching timestamps and making sure that the fights don't take up more than thirty minutes unless all the participating players give consent to continue the fight. Any fights that last longer than thirty minutes should be taken to a different channel and continued there. Fights can be fun, but can also very disruptive to those who do not want to get involved.

9. Recruiting players for other role-playing games is prohibited. This will result in your characters being removed and your account being banned from Kaerwyn.

10. Players are expected to conduct their character’s actions in a logical fashion.

For any situation that may come up in the RP, from fights, puzzles or just chatting, characters should act appropriately for their experience and skills as listed in the CS. For example, if a fight breaks out and your character has little to no fighting experience, if they join the fray, they will get hurt.

11. Players are not allowed in an in-character channel unless they are actively playing or participating in some manner. Players must remove characters from play when they are no longer able to play, or if an AFK is going to be longer than 15 minutes. Players are not allowed to put characters in for the sole purpose of doing minimal actions and minimal participation to watch what others are doing.

Players can remove their characters from the scene in a variety of ways, such as going to the bathroom, taking a short walk for fresh air, etc. It is up to the player to get the characters out of play in a reasonable manner. Players that AFK for longer than 15 minutes in any IC channel might be subject to punishments such as removing items from characters or having bad things happen to them.

12. This is social/interactive role playing environment. It is your responsibility to keep up with the day to day happenings on Kaerwyn, even if you are not available to RP everyday. Your character does not disappear and go into limbo when you are not on IRC. In addition, if your character is directly involved with other characters, you should make efforts to keep up with what their characters are doing. If you abandon the RP for longer than a month, your characters will be retired. If we find you are doing the bare minimum and are unable to keep up with the activities on Kaerwyn, you may be asked to leave.

13. Players that behave in a manner that leads the ops to believe they are intoxicated or under the influence of substances that alter their behavior may be asked to leave, or may be removed at the ops discretion. This is especially so if the players are behaving in a disruptive or abusive manner.

Setting Rules

We encourage players to read the all the setting information we have available. However there are specific rules about the Setting we need for players to follow, so they are listed here. If you want more information, please read the Setting Information section (Link here).

1. Tavern rooms are free, but characters cannot keep them for longer than a week.

2. Fyrewolf is the tavern barkeeper. She will only give characters something they are physically capable of eating or imbibing without harm to them (Single Serving).

3. Tavern produced food or drinks will bring no harm to any character, regardless of biology, chemistry, curses, etc.

4. Characters are able to order any food that is from their local culture, even if they have not ever had it directly. Characters cannot order any food outside of their local culture unless they've had it before.

5. Characters may leave the tavern with leftovers or reasonable to-go orders (Single person serving). Characters may not use the tavern to shop for supplies.

6. The jukebox will play any song from a character's local or mainstream culture, or any song they've heard before. For songs beyond their culture, they would need to hear the song at least in part, in order to bring it up on the Jukebox. Please see the Setting Information page for more information about the Jukebox and its functions. (Link here)

7. Do not make definitive statements about the town without concrete backup. Do not make up conditions for the town or anything that directly affects the town or the entities living in town. For example, do not say "There are no hamburger restaurants in town" just because none are posted in the town business section of the forums.

Rifter Rules

The Rifting Device allows characters to leave Kaerwyn at will and go to any world they've been to before. While this section will only include the rules, you can get more details on the Rifter Device Information page.

1. All players must make a Flight Plan for any use of the Rifting Device by their characters. In some cases, the Flight Plan will require approval. The Flight Plan sheet is provided for you, and you must fill out all required fields.

2. Operators will be regulating anything brought back to Kaerwyn. Please let the Operators know as soon as possible what is being brought back, in detail, so that it can be approved in a timely manner.

3. The Rifter will not operate for new characters. New characters must wait a month past their arrival time before they can use the Rifter.

4. Characters can only go to worlds they've been to. This goes for places and times on those worlds (With the exception of Operator approved misrifts and Chaser Rifts). This means that if your character is from North Carolina, Earth, 2008, you can't use the rifter to go to Alaska, Earth, 2012 or Rome, Earth, 1259BC.

5. Players are allowed to use the Rifting Device as a means to remove their characters from play for extended AFKs (Such as vacations, RL issues, school, work, etc). Players are still limited to one month real time for their characters before they are considered abandoned.

6. The Rifting Device can only open portals on Kaerwyn to specific locations: Baytown and Opportunity. Baytown's portal cannot be used to go offworld. Characters can only open portals to Baytown or Opportunity if they have been there before.

7. Chaser rifts must open at the original rift-in coordinates of the person/group that the chasers are going after.

8. Characters are able to look up the following information on the person/place being chased.

  • They must look up the character by their name, partial names are allowed (Such as first names like Lorelei, Callie or partial names such as 'Endy' for Endymion). It will only show the names of Characters that rifted offworld via the rifting device.
  • They cannot just look up a list of rifting trips recently taken, they must be specific about the person they are chasing.
  • Once they give the name of the character being chased, the rifter will *not* give characters specific information about the character's status or whereabouts (Such as where the character is located). It will give them the Rifting Coordinates for the original rift: Location (City, Country, World), Location Coordinates (This is listed as Time: YYYY:MM:DD followed by a Kaerwyn Specific Longitude/Latitude in a numeric grid system.)

9. Characters cannot open a rift to time coordinates before the original rift duration is over. For example, if Endymion sets a rift to Earth for April 3-6th, 2012, the earliest a chaser rift can be opened is after April 6th on that world. If Players would like to use Fate as an excuse to open a date other than what's listed here, they must get op approval. Please note that this might also mean that players must *wait* until a rift plot has played out before they can jump in to "chase". Chasing does not allow players to interrupt plots in progress.

10. Chasers can only be opened up to 6 months after the original rift, Kaerwyn time. After that, the rift data is gone. This means a RL 6 months. Example: Endymion goes to Raekarta on January 1, 2012 Kaerwyn Time. Characters have until June 30th, 2012 Kaerwyn Time to decide to chase him down.

Leaping Rules

Leaping is a Kaerwyn plot mechanic whereby characters are forced offworld in order to perform some unknown task set by Fate. While this section will only include the rules, you can get more details on the Leaping Information page. (Add in link when we make that page).

1. The player running the leap plot is considered the Leap GM (Game Master) and must make a Plot Sheet for their leap plot. This plot sheet will require approval from the Operators. The Plot Sheet is provided for you, and you must fill out all required fields.

2. Operators will be regulating anything brought back to Kaerwyn or any changes to characters. Please let the Operators know as soon as possible what is being brought back, in detail, so that it can be approved in a timely manner.

3. There must be more than one player character on the leap.

4. Characters will be automatically rifted back when "Fate" deems it is time (When your plot is over).

5. No characters encountered on the leap can return with the characters from Kaerwyn.

6. Leap GMs (Game Masters) must make a Plot Sheet for their leap plot. This plot sheet will require approval from the Operators. The Plot Sheet is provided for you, and you must fill out all required fields.

7. Leaps cannot be used for player absences.

8. Leaps cannot be about any Kaerwyn Player Character (PC). Leaps should be about the world and the world needing otherworldly assistance. It should not be about any of the characters, especially if they are leaped to one of the character's homeworld.

9. Characters need to be on Kaerwyn for at least a month before they can be signed up for Leaps.

10. Characters must have a month cooldown between leaping events.

11. Only a character's race can be changed upon leap in. The race they become must be native to the world or area they are leaping to. If characters are changed to match the local races, then ALL characters on the leap must change to be a native. See the Leaping information for more about this -> (The change must occur as soon as they exit the leap rift to the new location. The change is painless and instantaneous. Characters that share the same race as the world's native races are still changed into that world's version.) Move this to Leap Info.

12. If characters are changed into the native species upon leap in, then any non-leap transformations or other similar changes will be reverted when characters leap back. Injuries and other damage will remain across leap-transformations.

Character Creation Rules

This is a new section of the rules and is a work in progress. Many changes will be made to this section. For helpful information on how to create a character, please see our Character Creation Guide

1. New Players must submit for their first character one that conforms to the following:

  • No Experts in their field. (Nothing over a bachelor's or equivalent).
  • No Supernatural/Superhuman traits.
  • GOD test score must be 30 or under.
  • No Career Military/Officers/Commissioned characters (Characters can still be conscripted or enlisted).
  • No characters from modern day Earth or has lived in the modern era (1960's-present day).

2. All characters must have an approved Character Sheet (CS) before they are allowed to enter play with that character. Please see our Character Approval Process (Link this.)

3. New players must come on IRC, to the #kaerwynooc channel before any approvals will be granted to their CS. If you need help connecting to IRC please see our connection information (Link this).

4. Do not pester people, especially the Operators, for reviews of your CS. It is okay to politely ask people to look at your CS. Don't continue to ask people over and over.

5. We reserve the right to deny characters that are hypersexualized, as they tend to disrupt play. Kaerwyn is a PG-13 roleplaying environment.

6. No copyrighted characters unless you own the copyright. You may play a character from a world of popular media, but you are NOT allowed to play one of the characters from the original work.

Character Review Rules

1. All Kaerwyn players are allowed to give general advice to Character Sheets in the "Chaos Rift" forum. Only veterans and ops can give reviews or approvals in the "Wayside" forum.

2. Do not critique what you don't know or don't understand. If you "think" something "isn't right", find out why before you post. Give reasons for your critiques. Personal opinions are not helpful.

3. Do not answer for the player that created the CS when questions are posed.

4. CS's should be put in the Chaos Rift for general critiques first. CS's should only be posted into the Wayside if the player feels it is ready for reviews (If you are a new player, you should put it in the Chaos Rift first anyway).

5. Reviews and Critiques should be critical but helpful. Complaints, grievances, and other personal issues or opinions should not be posted.

6. Approvals should only be given after a careful review of the CS. Please see the CS Review Process for more information on how to give an approval.

General NPC Rules

(We need an NPC Information section)

1. Do not make sweeping declarations about Kaerwyn's NPCs and their population. Kaerwyn has a healthy number of NPCs that perform a lot of the tasks that make living possible in Fegov Endai without going into heavy explanations for how and why things work.

2. Veterans are allowed to play One-Time NPCs in the RP. This means exactly, that, played one time. They are not allowed to involve themselves with the characters, plots, etc. They can be used for starting trouble, fights, being fodder, or just to converse. They are not allowed to have any supernatural powers, skills, abilities or items, or be experts in any skill or ability. These NPCs do not require an approved CS.

3. Veterans are allowed to make NPCs that last longer than one time. They require an approved NPC CS before they can be played. They are allowed more interaction, such as shop owners and such.

4. Veterans are allowed to make plot NPCs. These NPCs are allowed to be involved in the plots they were specifically created for. Plot NPCs can be villains, informants, assistants, friends, etc. Plot NPCs require an approved Plot NPC CS before they can be played.

5. NPCs can be played for a month. After which they must be submitted as a regular Kaerwyn character, regardless of their function. After their first month has lapsed, they are not allowed in play until their CS is approved.

6. Players that create characters or NPCs are not allowed to take advantage of their removal (Death or leaving Kaerwyn, etc) to benefit their other characters unless they get prior op approval.

Random Rift Events