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Basic Mun Info

Seasons joined The Realm of Kaerwyn in mid-2006 with the submission of the character Winter. This was a time before the Mundane Rule that almost every player currently on Kaerwyn has gone through. It wasn't too long before he was hooked enough to create a second character, Baile, an interesting but somewhat flawed character premise.

As of 2014, Seasons has no intention of leaving Kaerwyn.


As time passed, Seasons submitted and retired more characters.


Koricos arrived towards the end of 2006, becoming a fairly long term and involved character.


Lucifer rifted onto Kaerwyn in early 2007 along with Olivia, to become a thorn in the side of one Mahdis.

Tunc found himself unceremoniously dropped on Kaerwyn near the start of the year, shortly after Seasons achieved Veteran status and just after the new Character Creation Rules which dictated the creation of Mages. He has been the single longest running character in Seasons' inventory.

Shara found herself brought to Kaerwyn by Taz and Koricos as the result of a miniplot on a future version of Koricos' world, Relemar.

2007 also brought a fairly major change for the mun, as he was recommended for and promoted to Op.


2008 was a year of retirings. Lucifer was the first, due to refusing rescue from the Snapback Event.

Winter wasn't far behind, choosing to leave Kaerwyn with Sasaki, his woman.

Shara convinced Koricos to open the Rifter Device to his version of Relemar, where she left to explore her own path forward and was never seen again.

Lastly, Bailefour decided it was past time to leave Kaerwyn herself. Whether she returned to Shattered Moon or went to a more mundane Earth is unknown (and the mun can't recall).

The only arrival of 2008 was Katida, slipping in from Tunc's world as part of a dangerous plot. However, this was also a retirement, as Katida was slain near the exodus of the year.

This year also saw the first hints towards the use of the Fae Folk as a plot device.


The beginning of 2009 brought about the retirement of Koricos, who had been till now the longest running character of Seasons. He left with Taz to her world not long after their marriage.

Anya made her dramatic and "wondrous" appearance late 2009, much to the dismay of those who hated werewolves and were afraid of her boisterous attitude.

Capping off the year, Dimitrij arrived, though despite desires to make more of his unique racial features and put forth the idea of not only having to use human characters, he was rarely played upon.


This year saw the retirement of the experimental character Dimitrij.

Foxglove made his first serious appearance in late 2010 as a semi-important character during a plot involving the Fae Folk. Several hints about his role in Fae society and his aims towards the mortals were given.


Anya was finally retired this year, after not being played for some time.

The Caught Off Guard plot finally brought Foxglove back into the light as a recurring villain on a large scale, with a nearly successful assault on Fegov Endai ending in his "death" and banishment from the Fae Court.

Shortly thereafter, a woman by the name of Ianthe appeared in town, seeking to assist in reconstruction and earn the respect of the mortals. She was exposed as Diantha, adopted daughter of the once-Lord Foxglove and one of the Fae seeking to take his position in the Winter Court. Her history since with the townsfolk has been varied and rocky.


Early 2012 saw the introduction of Drahoslav, a blacksmith character built to fulfill a long missing role in Fegov Endai. While originally slated to become an NPC, he's proven too much fun at times to give up active play.

Foxglove himself made his own entrance once again into the light of Kaerwyn, proving his banishment ineffective in reining in his villainy. After 3 large scale plots, he finally took command of the caldera by transforming everyone in it to Fae, and all the Fae into mortals in the plot Turnabout. Though he was eventually defeated, the seeds for future chaos were planted.


The last character so far to have been introduced by Seasons is Soren.

The Long Way Home, a very long and large scale plot, saw the brief return of Foxglove, empowered by the events of Turnabout. He was driven off again afterwards, to parts unknown.

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