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The Tavern is the local 'watering hole' for the residents of Fegov Endai. RP wise it is one of the main public places to Roleplay.

The Tavern at a first glance, is very old and rustic in nature. It stands by itself at a clearing in the middle of the woods. It's also lit by lamps that seem to turn on and off by themselves. It also has hanging from the ceiling a very tacky wagon wheel, where numerous lamps sit. Also, messes and damages seem to fix themselves when people stop paying attention to it, and coupled with instantaneous food, it's easy to tell the Tavern is supernatural or Dragon made in nature. It is speculated it was placed there to ensure that people rifted to Kaerwyn will at least have food.

There are also maps for the player's convenience.

1st Floor TavMap1F.gif 2nd FloorTavMap2F.gif


The bar features a kitchen and a bar (including beer taps), where Fyrewolf instantaneously will serve any food ordered for free. Food cannot be taken out of the tavern, as it will vanish instantly once you cross the tavern threshold. Food may be taken out if a character uses a dragon token. The exception is alcohol, which can be taken out anytime.

The bar also has a fully functioning Jukebox, which can play just about any song you can imagine.

The bottom floor contains male and female bathrooms, with some on the second floor that include showers.

On the second floor, there are 8 rooms. Characters may stay up to a consecutive week. After that, the Tavern will literally throw them out. This seems to reset after a player spends a few nights sleeping somewhere other than the tavern.


1. Tavern rooms are free, but characters cannot keep them for longer than a week. After that time, they will need to find alternative housing. There are several options avaliable. See Character Housing.

2. Fyrewolf is the tavern barkeeper. She will only give characters something they are physically capable of eating or imbibing without harm to them (Single Serving).

3. Tavern produced food or drinks will bring no harm to any character, regardless of biology, chemistry, curses, etc.

4. Characters are able to order any food that is from their local culture, even if they have not ever had it directly. Characters cannot order any food outside of their local culture unless they've had it before.

5. Characters may leave the tavern with leftovers or reasonable to-go orders (Single person serving). Characters may not use the tavern to shop for supplies.

6. The jukebox will play any song from a character's local or mainstream culture, or any song they've heard before. For songs beyond their culture, they would need to hear the song at least in part, in order to bring it up on the Jukebox. Please see the Setting Information page for more information about the Jukebox and its functions. (Link here)

7. Do not make definitive statements about the town without concrete backup. Do not make up conditions for the town or anything that directly affects the town or the entities living in town. For example, do not say "There are no hamburger restaurants in town" just because none are posted in the town business section of the forums.