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The Rifting Device, or "Rifter" as the locals call it, is a machine that allows characters to purposefully open their own rifts to go offworld. Given the nature of the Rifting Device, and how it can be used to maliciously alter the Fate of other worlds, the dragons keep an eye on what passes through the rifter and what characters intend to do offworld. As such, there are rules regarding the rifter's usage, taxation of items that go through the rifter, and much scrutiny by the dragons of what takes place.

What is the Rifter?

The Rifter is a computer like device in the eastern mountains of the Fegov-Endai caldera. It is directly east of the town, and slightly northwest of the Lake of the Clouds.

The Rifter is hidden deep within a mountain cave. The mouth of the cave is very large, large enough to allow vehicles comparable to a full sized van. On first glance, the cave doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary, save perhaps its large opening.

Upon entering the cave, the characters must walk a short distance to what appears to be a gateway. This is the Rift Generator. Once walking past it there is a large open room, carved from the mountain itself, decorated with rift symbols, and adorned in gold. There are windows that seem to suggest that the Rifter's Room is within a nebula, and there is no glass between the nebula and the Rifter Room. The ceiling is opened to this same effect as well, allowing characters to see the swirling nebula among the blackness.

On the opposite end of the Rifter is a large arc. The computer which controls the Rifter is located on the center of this arc.

On the wall behind the computer arc is an embossed carving of two dragons holding a rift symbol.

The Rifter has gone through three versions since its introduction. The first version was nothing more than a ring of stones in the cave, where the character simple states where they wish to go.

Version Two is what characters have been using up until this point, with an actual computer and golden decorations.

Version Three of the Rifter appeared shortly after the plot "Take By Storm" in which much of the town was damaged by a Fae controlled onslaught of storms. Version Three is what is described here.

Rifter Information

(This is a work in progress. We intend to fill this out with more detail later).

After the plot, "Take by Storm", the Rifter was seriously damaged. For about a month afterwards, the Rifter was no longer operational. On Nov 20th, 2016, the Rifter was mysteriously cleared of debris and has a new look. The operations of the Rifter are the same as they've always been. Characters familiar with the prior version of the Rifter should not have trouble operating version three of the Rifter.

Kinds of Rifts:

  • Kaerwyn Exit Rift - Going from Kaerwyn to another world.
  • Kaerwyn Return Rift - Returning to Kaerwyn from another world.
  • Kaerwyn to Kaerwyn Rifts - These are portals to other locations on Kaerwyn. Currently the only locations available to characters are Opportunity, Baytown and The Resort.
  • Misrifts - These are rifts that are opened by the characters using the rifter, however they will not end up where the character was expecting at all. They should end up on at least a somewhat similar world to the one they were planning - But that world might have a significant history difference from their intended location. For example, if the character wanted to return to Mundane Earth in 2012 - the character might end up on an alternate Earth, the same year, but World War II ended with the Germans winning.
  • Chaser Rifts - These are rifts that characters are allowed to open in order to chase or rescue a character that missed their return rift.

Rifter Debt

Information as of July 23, 2018

Whenever a characters brings certain items from offworld to Kaerwyn, or items from Kaerwyn and left offworld, they will accrue Rifter Debt. Rifter Debt is an "All or nothing" deal, in that everything that comes through that rift must be paid for in order for the characters to get any of those items.

While characters are in Rifter Debt:

  • Their item(s) will be in storage in the Rifter computer (Escrow). Items will be stuck in suspended animation while stored within the Rifter Computer.
  • Items in the Rifter computer will be deleted after four weeks if they are not paid for and removed. Afterwhich they will no longer be in debt.
  • They cannot use the Rifter at all (That includes if other characters open the rift). If they try to use the Rifter Computer, it will only display their Rifter Debt info (what they must do, what items they have in escrow, and how long their items have been in escrow.)

The Rifter will no longer charge for the following items:

  • Personal Use Items, with no GT score, will not be taxed (This is like food, diapers, shampoo, toothpaste, clothing, boardgames, etc)
  • Books and similar reading material, as long as they aren't sentient, magical, or technological. E-books and digital information brought on preapproved laptops, tablets, e-readers or similar are included in this ruling.

Business Bulk Rate

  • Raw Materials can be brought to Kaerwyn in bulk supplies for businesses. These items do not go into Rifter Escrow. Characters can take these items to their businesses right away, but will be under the same penalties of Rifter Debt.
  • These items must be in bulk and cannot be used for significant personal use.

Paying off Rifter Debt:

  • Rifter Debt will be paid with Kaerwyn gold.
  • Note: Players who try to bring in gold from offworld to make their characters rich or somehow cheat the rifter debt system find it will cost more in Kaerwyn gold than it's worth. You will also piss off the ops. It is recommended that you don't do that.

Rifter Images

Rifter Rules

1. All players must make a Flight Plan for any use of the Rifting Device by their characters. In some cases, the Flight Plan will require approval. The Flight Plan sheet is provided for you, and you must fill out all required fields.

2. Operators will be regulating anything brought back to Kaerwyn. Please let the Operators know as soon as possible what is being brought back, in detail, so that it can be approved in a timely manner.

3. The Rifter will not operate for new characters. New characters must wait a month past their arrival time before they can use the Rifter.

4. Characters can only go to worlds they've been to. This goes for places and times on those worlds (With the exception of Operator approved misrifts and Chaser Rifts). This means that if your character is from North Carolina, Earth, 2008, you can't use the rifter to go to Alaska, Earth, 2012 or Rome, Earth, 1259BC.

5. Players are allowed to use the Rifting Device as a means to remove their characters from play for extended AFKs (Such as vacations, RL issues, school, work, etc). Players are still limited to one month real time for their characters before they are considered abandoned.

6. The Rifting Device can only open portals on Kaerwyn to specific locations: Baytown and Opportunity. Baytown's portal cannot be used to go offworld. Characters can only open portals to Baytown or Opportunity if they have been there before.

7. Chaser rifts must open at the original rift-in coordinates of the person/group that the chasers are going after.

8. Characters are able to look up the following information on the person/place being chased.

  • They must look up the character by their name, partial names are allowed (Such as first names like Lorelei, Callie or partial names such as 'Endy' for Endymion). It will only show the names of Characters that rifted offworld via the rifting device.
  • They cannot just look up a list of rifting trips recently taken, they must be specific about the person they are chasing.
  • Once they give the name of the character being chased, the rifter will *not* give characters specific information about the character's status or whereabouts (Such as where the character is located). It will give them the Rifting Coordinates for the original rift: Location (City, Country, World), Location Coordinates (This is listed as Time: YYYY:MM:DD followed by a Kaerwyn Specific Longitude/Latitude in a numeric grid system.)

9. Characters cannot open a rift to time coordinates before the original rift duration is over. For example, if Endymion sets a rift to Earth for April 3-6th, 2012, the earliest a chaser rift can be opened is after April 6th on that world. If Players would like to use Fate as an excuse to open a date other than what's listed here, they must get op approval. Please note that this might also mean that players must *wait* until a rift plot has played out before they can jump in to "chase". Chasing does not allow players to interrupt plots in progress.

10. Chasers can only be opened up to 6 months after the original rift, Kaerwyn time. After that, the rift data is gone. This means a RL 6 months. Example: Endymion goes to Raekarta on January 1, 2012 Kaerwyn Time. Characters have until June 30th, 2012 Kaerwyn Time to decide to chase him down.