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Full Name:

Thenyr Nontdargo II










6'7", 160lbs


Thorsari setting

Distinguishing Marks:

Tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.


Messenger for Temp Agency



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Biography before Kaerwyn

Thenyr was hatched to two loving Thoradan parents in Hashinshira and enjoyed a simple, if pleasant, childhood for the first several years of his life. Sadly, it was not to last. In the shadows, the Fire Giants had reconvened under a new warlord, one more powerful than most. On Thenyr's sixth summer solstice, they decided to make a play for control or destruction of Hashinshira. Attacked on the cultural equivalent of Christmas, the Asari and Thordani population was caught mostly unaware, and the attack was a rout. Close to half the village died...Thenyr's parents were both killed, his mother defending Rizel the Heliospix(High priestess) and his father Nontdargo heroically leading a doomed counterattack to allow Garv the priest to escort survivors and noncombatants to the caves running beneath the town.

The results of the battle were still dire...Rizel had been captured, the death toll was massive, the surface layer of the town was dangerous, and Garv the priest, while a capable ruler, was being challenged from several sides, as a male Heliospix was almost unheard of, and his position on the chain of succession had been rather low in comparison.

But doom was not to reach Hashinshira this day. Shortly thereafter, individuals who had been previously temporarily exiled for an indiscretion, having been waylaid by a storm, arrived. Shocked by the attacks, and wielding significant skills gained in thier time away, they undertook a series of actions to secure the town and make it clear to the fire giants that Hashinshira was NOT to be harrassed, attacked, or otherwise interfered with. Having been thereby...convinced, the fire giants of that tribe were openly peaceful, if...testy...for many years.

The wanderers were received back by the townspeople into the fold. Faenya herself made an appearance to thank them and to settle events. The wanderers each received a blessing from the goddess herself and her thanks, and it was made clear in no uncertain terms that, while inexperienced, that Garv was to be the next Heliospix, when the now-crippled Rizel joined Faenya in the Infinite Sky.

Thenyr, having been orphaned by the attack along with several other children, was taken into the care of the temple. Many younger children were adopted by couples in the town, but older children became wards of the temple and acolytes there. Showing an understanding of the Mysteries, Thenyr was one of five or so chicks who were initiated into the clerical rights of Faenya. Under the tutelage of Rizel and later Garv, Thenyr grew older and wiser, gaining some skill in magic.

Near Thenyr's 13th solstice, one of the wanderers, Kawheek, was granted a vision from Faenya. He had never adjusted well to the adulation of the people and had become a more permanent wanderer, but the vision was to take advantage of this. By Faenya's will, Kawheek was to return to Hashinshira and take a student from the youth clerics stationed there and raise him to be a powerful and experienced cleric, such that he would grow into a mighty Heliospix. Making the journey, and arriving just days before the solstice, Kawheek arrived and after communing with Garv, entered the temple to make his selection. Noticing the arrival of the tiercel, many of the youths fell prostrate or bowed in respect to him, leaving Thenyr alone standing straight.

Kawheek walked over and looked up at the youth(Asari are shorter than Thoradan), motioning to the others. "They all bow before me in respect of my deeds. Why do you stand straight?" Thenyr, mortified, quickly tried to bow, only to find a small but strong hand holding him up. "I did not ask you to bow before me. I asked why you did NOT." Stammering, Thenyr responded, "Because it is by Faenya's will that you were able to accomplish such actions. Only She deserves worship, for you are not a god." Pleased with this answer, and the wisdom shown by the youth at this early age, Thenyr was selected by Kawheek for work. Thereafter, he would spend half of each year travelling with Kawheek and learning the ways of the warrior, and the other half of each year under dedicated tutelage in magic from Garv and other powerful priests and clerics of allied human and elven religions. Over this time, Thenyr began to consider Kawheek his foster-father, though he did not tell the Asari this.

At age 18, Thenyr did his first major field operation, working with a group of Thoradan and Asari warriors to purge the ruins of a village destroyed by an unknown attack some time ago. In the years since, it had been polluted by the corrupting presence of an undead mage, who was using it as a base of operations in the mountains. Here, Thenyr suffered his first serious battle wounds, and felt the touch of the grave for the first time, suffering wounds from the unnatural, blasphemous power of the necromancer, taking him near to death. But the strength of his spirit did not wane, and he slew the Necromancer in single combat with his spear; he spent the next month recuperating from corrupution of his spirit by one of the foul minions of darkness. The experience left a mark on him, however, deeply searing in the danger and darkness of the undead, and of the essence of proper teamwork.

Once he recovered, he continued to operate with Kawheek for another year until about the age of twenty, when Kawheek told Thenyr that while he would always be his teacher and friend, that there was little more to learn from him and that they were now equals. Spending another two years active with Kawheek travelling the world, Thenyr eventually got split off from the Asari when a mission required it. Returning to Hashinshira, he began to work under the aging Garv as an administrative assistant, and general village troubleshooter. While not as skilled at healing as the heliospix, he learned many more mundane healing treatments from Garv and became a skilled member of the guard, as well as, effectively, a special agent for the Heliospix to solve 'problems'. He became well known amongst the villagers and in some nearby villages, and was assigned as the primary guard in the protection of the diplomats responsible for the resolution of a minor territorial spat with an emerging kobold tribe, and even one or two forced parleys with Fire Giants. Word on the street anticipated his accession to Heliospix, but Garv was still in good health and both of them knew Thenyr wasn't ready yet, as he was at best a mediocre leader when based on his own merits. The leadership training simply was not taking well, and eventually the decision was made to train someone else in leadership, to work closely with Thenyr as an advisor and step up if necessary. The selection fell on a priestess by the name of Sheryd, who began training to work with Thenyr as a joint leader when the time came.

Thenyr instead redevoted the time he gained by doing this, gaining knowledge and experience, and studying the Deeper Mysteries of his faith, trying to uncover new techniques, and even beginning to delve into the knowledge of Earth and Water, and to study the arcane processes that were used by so-called wizards, trying to adapt their knowledge and scientific approach to his own use.

As time passed, the world changed again, and new events dragged Thenyr back out of his studies and into a more active role in the local society. Lately there had been attacks from the undead coming from the Sea of Dust to the west, and Thenyr spent time cleaning up the burgeoning zombie and ghoul populaces. It was suspected (falsely) from some fronts that there may have been fire giants involved but there was insufficient evidence...or launch a counter attack, so the people settled themselves with dealing with the current issue.

After a year of this work, the advancing undead had been stopped in thier tracks and the Thoradan and Asari began to reclaim land from them. It is then when Thenyr was rifted to Kaerwyn.

Status on Kaerwyn

Abilities and Weaknesses

Being a trained priest of Faenya, Thenyr has abilities to channel and cast fire, wind, and light magic, as well as significant healing abilities he can call on to help those who have been wounded. He cannot heal himself, though.

Furthermore, this power comes with a lack of flexibility. While it's easy to channel power into distinct methods approved by the deity, it's much harder to channel them into new methods, requiring much research. Even then, methods that counter Faenya's inclinations will be denied.

Additionally, Thenyr must pray in the sunlight at dawn every day to maintain his power.

Character Interactions

*[[Player]]: Is a pretty swell guy!