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The place for common commands to use in making wiki pages.

Current Templates

CharTemplate: An already formatted Character Entry Template. Simply copy paste and change and add whatever variables you like.

Template:Infobox: Infobox for Character Info


Simple linking.

[[ ]] : Alone this lets you link to a page already existing on the wiki. Links that have no pages show up as red text. For example, linking to Eli's page I would type. [[Eli Fisher]] and remove the spaces to make Eli Fisher.

[[Full character name | name you want]] : This allows you to link to an existing wiki link, without having to display a character's full name or the like. So an example of [[Eli Fisher | Eli]] will get you Eli

[url | phrase or word here] : This allows you to post a link to outside the wiki with a custom link. For example, if I wanted to link to a wiki article about rats. I'd use this. [http:// url | fancy rat]. Posting the full url and removing the '|' will leave me with fancy rat


When it might be easier to find an article by something other than its proper name (for example Malachite, Groggy) create a blank page with the name you want to redirect to the article, and put in the following:

#REDIRECT [[Article name]]

Make sure you don't stack redirects on redirects. If a redirect points to a page that is itself a redirect, the second redirect won't work.


To post an image, simply paste the full image url.


http:// url address . file type

List Formatting

Add these in front of a name or item you wish to list.

  • This is a bullet point. To make it put a (*) in front of a word.
  1. This is a numbered bullet point for lists. To make it put a (#) in front of a word.


Categories: Categories are added to the bottom of pages, and are used to sort pages into appropriate categories. For an example, if you make a human mage character, you would want to add these to the bottom of your character sheet.

[[Category:Player Characters]] [[Category:Human Characters]] [[Category:Mage Characters]]::: So in essence, it's like a simple internal wiki link, that sorts sheets into their proper category.