Wiki Rules and Guidelines

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Rules for Wiki Submission

  1. Only active players can work on the wiki.
  2. When you sign up for the wiki, you need to use the same forum name or at least IRC nickname that we know you by. Don't sign up for a username that we can't easily recognize who you are.
  3. Only create pages that are for your creations. IE, don't make pages for other people's characters, plots, businesses, etc. Let them start it.
  4. It's not a good idea to link to pages that haven't been created yet. We already have a huge list of 'wanted pages'. I feel like this is also forcing other people to either make the pages when they might not want to, as well as forces a page name on them when they might want to use a different name. IE, by doing so, you're forcing work on either the ops (to change link names and redirects) or work on the other players that might not want to make wiki articles.
  5. If you get permission from other players to write up their stuff, you may feel free to do so.
  6. Please only post approved items on the wiki. For example, only approved characters should be on the Wiki. In addition, do not add any town submissions until they are approved by the ops first.
  7. Do not make any categories without getting approval from the ops first.
  8. When editing someone else's content, you are allowed to correct typos, grammatical errors, spelling issues, or similar minor details. Please do not alter or edit the actual content of the posts, including links to other articles, without the author's permission.

Rules for Categorizing Pages

  1. Characters should be listed under Characters
  2. Races/species should be listed under their Species sub-category
  3. If you are creating a category for your individual race/species (if there are more than one of them), use the article section of the Category page to write up the content (see Lunes for example).